A Snitch in Time

It’s generally considered impolite to talk about money. Not so in porn. When talking about porn it’s considered impolite to to tell the truth about money. Whether you think porn is a scourge that is undermining the moral fabric of our society, or you’re just putting out sales figures for your latest DVD, you’ve good reason to exagerrate. There’s no percentage in saying that the porn business is smaller and less important than everyone thinks it is.

Even still I was surprised when I read Richard Corliss’s column That Old Feeling: When Porn Was Chic, in which he reported “Pornography is big business: an industry that earns an estimated $57 billion worldwide annually.”

Now as it happens, I know a few people who work in the Time and Life Building. I know that after their benighted merger with AOL there were huge cuts to things like research, fact checking, copy-editing, and all the other stuff that is supposed to separate journalism from gossip mongering or industry hype. So I fired off a quick note to Mr. Corliss suggesting he might want to look into his figures.

I was even more surprised when I checked my e-mail this morning and found a note from my friend (more like guardian angel) Violet Blue:

Subject: nice mention in Time!


congratulations, my dear!

big hugs,

How strange and exciting it is to see Tony Comstock in the same passage as Frank Rich, Bill Asher, Luke Ford, and Dan Ackman. Even more exciting is seeing a link back to Comstock Films.


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