MARIE AND JACK: A Hardcore Love Story receives an NC-17 rating from the MPAA


Press release speak:

MARIE AND JACK: A HARDCORE LOVE STORY earns an NC-17 rating from the Motion Picture Association of America.This February, MARIE AND JACK: A HARDCORE LOVE STORY, the first erotic documentary from Comstock Films underwent review by the Motion Picture Association of America and was assigned an NC-17 rating for it’s explicit sexuality.

“I’m satisfied with the rating,” says director Tony Comstock, “and participating in the MPAA’s process is going to open up some commercial possibilities that would otherwise be closed if we hadn’t been able to secure the rating.”

In receiving the NC-17 rating, MARIE AND JACK: A HARDCORE LOVE STORY joins just 48 other films the MPAA has assigned the rating to since the rating was first introduced 1984. The list includes some of Hollywood’s most famous, and notorious productions, including LAST TANGO IN PARIS, IN THE REALM OF THE SENSES, and SHOWGIRLS.

“One of the first question people as me is if the MPAA asked us to make any cuts or other alterations to MARIE AND JACK and the answer is no,” said Comstock. “In fact, when the MPAA rep called me to let me know the film had been reviewed and rated, he said that MARIE AND JACK was “well-made, entertaining film that really delivered the goods.” He also said it was just the sort of film the NC-17 was made for.”

MARIE AND JACK: A HARDCORE LOVE STORY is the multi-award winning first release from Comstock Films. It offers an intimate glimpse into the private sex life of Marie Silva (aka Aria) and her husband Jack Bravo. Since the film’s release in 2003, MARIE AND JACK, along with other Comstock Films titles have continued to break new ground both creatively and commercially, pioneering new approaches to erotic filmmaking, and bring erotic films to venues and audiences outside the traditional markets for sexual explicit entertainment.

Comstock Films produces award-winning, documentary-style erotic films that acknowledge the role of sex in human relationships, depict it graphically, and celebrate its power. Comstock Films titles have enjoyed worldwide recognition as outstanding achievements in cinema, appearing in festivals and taking home prizes in Canada, Australia, Sweden, Germany and here in the US.

Comstock Films titles include MARIE AND JACK: A HARDCORE LOVE STORY , named Best Documentary and Best Overall at the 2002 SinCine New York Erotic Film Festival and Best of the Fest at the 2002 Sexual Health and Pleasure Film Festival; XANA AND DAX: WHEN OPPOSITES ATTRACT , named Hottest Straight Sex Scene at the 2006 Emma Awards for feminist porn in Toronto, Canada, and official selection of the 2006 Berlin Porn Film Festival; DAMON AND HUNTER: DOING IT TOGETHER , name Best Documentary at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival; MATT AND KHYM: BETTER THAN EVER; and the soon to be released ASHLEY AND KISHA: THE RIGHT FIT .

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  1. Posted February 26, 2007 at 7:20 pm | Permalink

    Yeah, as I said over at Shortbus, good work! This is the first of the movies that I will pick up when the budget is ready!

  2. tony
    Posted February 28, 2007 at 7:59 am | Permalink

    Thanks, Fad! I wonder where Maslow would put Comstock Films on his hierarchy of needs? ;-)

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