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National Coalition Against Censorship panel following the screening of DESTRICTED

(Cross posted to Tony Comstock’s Kōan of Silence) On September 23rd the National Coalition Against Censorship held a screening of DESTRICTED and I was invited to sit on a post-screening panel about art and censorship along Amy Adler, Marilyn Minter, Neville Wakefield, & Andrew Hale; and hosted by Svetlana Mintcheva. As much as anything else, [...]

SNEAK PEEK! Brett and Melanie: Boi Meets Girl at Union Docs 10/23

Pre-Release Screening of “Brett and Melanie: Boi Meets Girl” at Union Docs in Brooklyn, NY Curated by Colin Weatherby, and followed with a panel discussion exploring cinema, sexuality, gender, and love with Velvet Park Managing Editor Diana Cage, Cinekink Film Festival Director Lisa Vandever, and yours truly, Tony Comstock Saturday, October 23, 7:30PM 322 UNION [...]

Tony Comstock, Live and In Person, One Night Only, National Coalition Against Censorship!

Yes, I know, it’s been a while and this is last minute. But. I was just invited to be a panelist at the National Coalition Against Censorship free screening of DESTRICTED, this Monday (9/27) at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Here my event bio: Tony Comstock is a documentary film director. Subjects of [...]

Marie and Jack: A Hardcore Love Story, the YouTube TOS compliant version

The last film I made that wasn’t about sex.

Sex and religion don’t always play nice. So this might come as a surprise to some readers: “Sudden Shock: Spiritual Struggle and Renewal in the Wake of 9/11″ is a documentary focusing on the work clergy, chaplains, and other faith-based caregivers have been doing in and around New York City since 9/11. The work takes [...]

What’s Happening with Google Instant Didn’t Happen Overnight

New Post at the Kōan of Silence: “Our has only got worse since then; in some ways the computers programmed to write and evaluate prose are analogous to the computers programmed to securitize and trade mortagages – they are growing large enough to outweigh and destabilize the human activities that provides their reason to exist [...]

My Daughter Swears an Oath

“My Daughter Swears an Oath” is the title of today’s post over at the Kōan of Silence. I know, it’s kind of a pain in the ass to show up here, only to get redirected over to the Kōan. What can I say, except we’re in a period of transition and I hope you’ll stay [...]

Apologies, and a Promise

First of all, an apology. It’s taken way longer than I thought it would to finish BRETT AND MELANIE and get the DVD released, and I’m sorry. Some of the problems have been purely technical. The computer that Brett and Melanie was on didn’t survive the trip to and from the islands. Don’t worry! There’s [...]

New at the Kōan of Silence: The Promise and Price of Living at the Mall.

A few years back, the occasion of Jerry Fawell’s death caused me to remember the one time in my life I’ve been handcuffed (by mall cops) in an essay called How I Got Arrested for Loving a Gay Man. At the conclusion of the essay, I wrote the following: It turns out that at the [...]

An Open Letter to Paul Kalina of the Age Concerning Film Censorship in Australia

Dear Paul, I’ve just read your article in The Age asserting that L.A. Zombie is the first film banned from the Australian festival cirucut since Ken Park in 2003. This is incorrect In 2006 the OFLC banned my documentary film Damon and Hunter: Doing it Together from playing at the Sydney QueerDoc International Gay and [...]