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A Tender and Candid Romance (An “Ashley and Kisha” viewer review on Amazon)

Over at Amazon, Daniel Rapheal gave a really really nice review to Ashley and Kisha: A Tender and Candid Romance This is a DVD that I wish everyone would see. Even the most repressed and biased people would derive some benefit from seeing this. The sweetness between these two young women is right there to see–and the fact [...]

“Our decision is final.”

It’s four in the morning here and I just finished a long chat with a representative of the OFLC. “Ashley and Kisha” has not been classified, which meant that the OFLC could have given it a festival exemption to play at MUFF. But OFLC refused to give it a festival exemption on the basis that [...]

Ang Lee Takes On the NC-17 Rating

About a month ago I sent a letter to Dan Glickman, Chairman of the MPAA, asking what, if any plans the MPAA had to rehabilitate the NC-17 rating. Yesterday I called Mr. Glickman’s office in Washington D.C. and was told that my letter had been forwarded to the Los Angeles Office, to Joan Graves, Chairwoman [...]


If you’re not a registered user with your super-secret “adult titles” search enabled, you can’t. You can find 9 SONGS, a film about a fictional pair of rock-show going, coke-snorting lovers, that famously features explicit footage of felatio, cunnilingus, coitus, and even a pop-shot. You can find PLAGUES AND PLEASURES ON THE SALTON SEA, the [...]

Memo to Sienna Miller: Real sex does not have jump cuts

The story work on Ashley and Kisha’s interview is done. It’s smooth, it flows it has pace and panache. Right now I’m working the rhythm between the two shot and the close-up, using the camera choice to emphasis passages or highlight reactions. It’s one of my very favorite parts of making these films. I am [...]

Curiouser and Curiouser: OFLC Requests Permission to Use DAMON AND HUNTER for Training Purposes

In a recent post to the Without A Box forums I said that dealing with the Australian Office of Film and Literature Classification was something of a cross between Alice in Wonderland and Kafka’s The Castle. But on Friday, after a nearly two hour long phone call where in we tried to get an explination [...]

A Criminal Intent to Arouse

Right now several dozen people are sitting together in the dark in a small theater in the Fitzroy district of Melbourne Australia. Along with the theater owners and the MUFF festival organizers they are about to become party to a crime. They are about to be party to the public exhibtion of Damon and Hunter: [...]

I recommend you see this film because it gave me an erection…

“Western man, especially the Western critic, still finds it very hard to go into print and say: ‘I recommend you to go and see this because it gave me an erection.” — Kenneth Tynan Yesterday’s post about DESTRICTED drew a post from Ms. Naughty which I’ve excerpted: “I would say [DESTRICTED's] definition is fair enough…“If [...]

Winterbottom’s “9 Songs”

Peggy and I watched 9 Songs last night, and whatever it is or isn’t as a movie, let me start off by saying 9 Songs is the most credible and craftsmenly cinematic depiction of sex I’ve yet to see. It was lovely and illuminating to see sex depicted by a filmmaker, and it left me [...]

Sex on Film

Sunday I had the privilage and the pleasure of chatting with Christophe and Diana for an upcoming episode of Blowfish Radio One the long bus ride into the city to meet them I watch Cinema Paradiso. On the long bus ride back out I ordered I Am Curious, Yellow, I Am Curious, Blue, Nine Songs, [...]