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Welcome Aussie Visitors!

  Hello Australians! Our traffic stats tell us that this morning we have more visitors from Australia than from anywhere else in the world. Welcome! Since Australian visitors are up up up, especially from Sydney; and searches for [comstock films] are up up up, my guess is we’ve had a mention in one of your [...]

ASHLEY AND KISHA Ban Provokes Censorship Discussion in Australia

The OFLC can’t stop thousands of unclassified DVDs from being sold illegally throughout Australia, but they did manage to stop the Melbourne Underground Film Festival from screening ASHLEY AND KISHA: FINDING THE RIGHT FIT in front of an audience of movie lovers at a small cinema in the Fitzroy district of Melbourne, (just to be [...]

“Our decision is final.”

It’s four in the morning here and I just finished a long chat with a representative of the OFLC. “Ashley and Kisha” has not been classified, which meant that the OFLC could have given it a festival exemption to play at MUFF. But OFLC refused to give it a festival exemption on the basis that [...]

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

A poster for the MUFF screening, somewhere in Melbourne’s Fitzroy district Over the last 48 hours we’ve been writing and talking to a lot of people, including Amy Wooding, exemptions officer at the OFLC. What has become clear is that the OFLC’s decision to ban seven films from this year’s Melbourne Underground Film Festival is [...]

The Magnificent Seven

Banned in Australia Again

I just found out that while I slept, the Australian Office of Film and Literature Classification has informed the Melbourne Underground Film Festival that they will not be given exemptions for about a half-dozen films, including ASHLEY AND KISHA: FINDING THE RIGHT FIT. Last year our film DAMON AND HUNTER: DOING IT TOGETHER had its [...]

More Censorship in Australia

Last week, one of our best friends in Australia, OutDVD received notice from the Australian Attorney General’s Office demanding that they remove all unclassified DVDs from their retail and rental inventory. Unclassified material makes up two thirds of OutDVD’s stock, and includes DVDs such as the third season of the critically acclaimed Showtime series THE [...]


If you’re not a registered user with your super-secret “adult titles” search enabled, you can’t. You can find 9 SONGS, a film about a fictional pair of rock-show going, coke-snorting lovers, that famously features explicit footage of felatio, cunnilingus, coitus, and even a pop-shot. You can find PLAGUES AND PLEASURES ON THE SALTON SEA, the [...]

Real Sex and Movie Ratings in Australia, the UK, and the US

Yesterday was a blood-bath. The Google Site Index for Comstock Films continues to look extremely weird, full of robot.txt excluded pages, and even pages that haven’t been live on our website for years, and our Google search related traffic is in the toilet. Why does Googles’s index of our site have pages that we took [...]

Brought to Tears by MATT AND KHYM

A very nice note came in over the weekend. By permission of the author: “Hi Tony,I suspect you are at the AVN Awards tonight — having a lovely time I hope — but I just watched _Matt and Khym_ (I was a pre-order customer) and couldn’t wait to email you. I found this couple utterly [...]