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What Do Pornography and Feminism Have in Common?

Andrea Dworkin Morning coffee. Google alerts. Technoroti pings. Who’s saying what where about Comstock Films? I hope it’s good. Well this morning Ms. Naughty is writing about the Feminist Porn Awards that Peggy will be going to next weekend. This catches my eye: “…an x-rated celebration of the next generation of feminista porn.” Sandinista, fashionista, [...]

Seth Stevenson uses pornography to hurt people.

In his Slate column about a Dove TV spot, Seth Stevenson writes: [T]his Dove ad is just atrocious. It uses a cheap video camera and murky lighting, and stars an average-looking woman being filmed as she takes a shower. The result bears a queasy resemblance to amateur pornography—though I’m told that even bargain-basement porn features [...]

From the I Told You So file

Today Newsweek’s asking Hard Times for the Porn Industry? “The adult film industry is unlikely to be worth as much as it claims—and the Internet that made porn so pervasive is driving a sales slump. “Contrary to the popular maxim, what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay there. Like the two big stories that emerged [...]

Will HD Bring Pubes Back to Porn?

So the last 24 have had me corresponding with a few people in the sex-blogosphere and elsewhere about HD and HDV and focal length and focal plane and zits and razor-burn and genital herpes, and what it all might mean to the collision of sex and the moving image. Well guess what? It’s time to [...]

Porn in HD, or Why When Porn Sucks the Media Sucks on it Harder.

“Omagawd! Now we’re going to see that pornstars have pimples and razor burn!” Apparently that’s news enough for the New York Times to run yet another late to the party, misinformed and disinforming story about porn. Again I’m left wondering just what sort of porn the article’s author has been watching that the fact that [...]


Answering the question “Does the pornography industry throw up unrealistic images of women, sex and sexuality?” Susanna Paasonen says: “Basically, porn exaggerates everything. It is not concerned with realism. I think Steve Marcus’ term ‘pornotopia’ is really useful in untangling the specificity of the world depicted in porn: abundance of sexual pleasures unlimited by the [...]

Nina Hartley on Real Female Orgasms in Porn

From the Forum. Says Nina: “Percentage-wise, I’d conjecture that less than 15% of women have real orgasms at all. Five percent or so have them regularly, as they are women who come easily. Aria is in this catagory. Her orgasms are real, as she can have them several different ways. “As for me, personally, [...]

The Secret Formula for Making Boring Porn, Part 2

Last year, porn legend Nina Hartley revealed the secret formula for making boring porn.. But Nina was talking about the creative side, and no discussion of the creative side is complete without looking at the business side. Like any good detective will tell you, follow the money and you’ll usually find out why people do [...]

A Criminal Intent to Arouse

Right now several dozen people are sitting together in the dark in a small theater in the Fitzroy district of Melbourne Australia. Along with the theater owners and the MUFF festival organizers they are about to become party to a crime. They are about to be party to the public exhibtion of Damon and Hunter: [...]

Destricted Explains the Difference Between Porn and Erotica

Destricted “If porn is work that serves no purpose other than causing sexual arousal, then erotica is usually explicit material that has artistic merit beyond its ability to arouse. Erotica, for that matter need not even arouse. Somtimes the sex in an erotic story makes us laugh or cringe or cry. Where porn depends on [...]