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The Googlebot says Comstock Films isn’t real sex (but then what does the Googlebot really know about sex?)

So what I was talking about when I said I saw some trends I didn’t understand is that about two years ago we started getting Google visitors on the search [real sex] and that was very good for our business. Visitors arriving on the search [real sex] were just as likely to return and ultimately [...]

BILL AND DESIREE: Love is Timeless

Coming Soon!

Ms. Naughty Says Context is King (And I Agree)

Have you every noticed that talking/debating about porn is (mostly) more engaging than actually watching it? Anyway, Ms. Naughty, just back from bushwalking and wine-guzzling has added her two cents to the porn/blowjob/feminism debate in a post entitled Boring Blowjobs and Feminist Facials. This is the part that jumped out at me: “Can a facial [...]

Real Sex, Nina Hartley, and the Googlebot, Part 2

Well something is definately up. On November 7th, the day after I posted Real Sex, Nina Hartley, and the Googlebot, our Google-driven traffic dropped by 40%, and has stayed there for the last week. Okay, fine. No one, not even Comstock Films is entitled to high Google rankings. But while our overall Google traffic has [...]

Metrosexual, Take 2 (Dealing with the Press, Take 253)

Last year I got e-mail from a reporter who said she wrote for a British newspaper called The Metro. Never having heard of it, I was cautious when I talked with the reporter, and didn’t expect much. But it turned out The Metro prints about two million copies of each edition and is read by [...]

Real Sex, Nina Hartley, and the Googlebot

Google’s search algorithms would seem to have undergone another fairly major revision, at least around sexuality. What makes me say that? In the last month, people finding their way to on the search [real sex] have fallen by about 80%, while people finding their way to on the search [nina hartley] have risen [...]

“…before our own desire took over.”

Why do I make films? So I can get note like this! Tony, My wife and I watched this DVD last night. It was a wonderful change from the more typical adult films on the market. You feel as though you really get to know Matt and Khym. There are so many similarities between my [...]

Best Foreign Film, Best Foreign Director (and Most Gratuitous Use of Sex)

Well the public screening of ASHLEY AND KISHA: FINDING THE RIGHT FIT did not take place, but there was a judges’ screening of it, and the other six banned films. And guess what? They like us! They really like us! Best Foreign Film, Best Foreign Film and the second most covetted award at the Melbourne [...]

“Our decision is final.”

It’s four in the morning here and I just finished a long chat with a representative of the OFLC. “Ashley and Kisha” has not been classified, which meant that the OFLC could have given it a festival exemption to play at MUFF. But OFLC refused to give it a festival exemption on the basis that [...]

ASHLEY AND KISHA to Play Out on Film in Hotlanta!

“Dear Mr. Comstock, “We would like to screen ASHLEY AND KISHA: FINDING THE RIGHT FIT at Out on Film in Atlanta. The festival will take place October 11-18, though at this point a specific screening date and time has not been determined…” We do have a date, time, venue for ASHLEY AND KISHA at the [...]