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This is not some obscure sex blog, either. (But so what if it was?)

Violet Blue is pissed off: This is not some obscure sex blog. Who has unashamedly, happily (even proudly) linked to Tiny Nibbles from a mainstream site? Sex sites aside, here is a list that reveals why anyone who says they must obfuscate linking to my website for whatever (read: moral) reasons are no longer part [...]

Learning to Say No to HBO (and others.)

  A couple of days ago an update from Jiz Lee popped up on my twitter stream, “Doing favors for HBO” I flashed back on my and Peggy’s not altogether positive experience with the HBO back in the Fall of 2005 and shot back “Remember, they won’t do any favors for you.” A day later I [...]

Unboing Unboing

Long time readers may remember my post from early January of 2007, The Secret Formula for Making Boring  Porn, Part 2, and may also remember that it ended up linked to a Boing Boing post entitled “Media overestimates porn industy’s girth.” The reason we got that traffic-driving, google-rank improving link is because I spoon fed the [...]

Don’t Discount Your Talent, Part 2

Distribution thought for the day: You will never see Violet Blue’s EROTIC ROLE PLAY: A GUIDE FOR COUPLES in the remainder bin at Barnes & Noble.

Violet Blue gives us an early Christmas present!

What can I say? I was just over at and saw that Violet has named ASHLEY AND KISHA: FINDING THE RIGHT FIT to her Top Five of 2007 list! Also on the list: Triple Ecstasy, dir. Kimberly Kane Debbie Loves Dallas, dir. Eon McKai Tristan Taormino’s Chemistry #3, dir. Tristan Taormino Skateboard Kink Freak, [...]

Stacy Grenrock Woods Is a Cunt

Okay, that’s going to far. Let’s try again. Stacy Grenrock Woods Has a Cunty Job A few years ago Stacy Grenrock Woods was a correspondent for The Daily Show. She mananged to parlay that into a gig as a columnist for Esquire Magazine, which means that instead of doing her schtick under the guise of [...]

Bryan Appleyard’s Notorious Nobodies

British art and culture critic Bryan Appleyard is trying to say something about fame and the internet and “Web 2.0″, but since he gets nearly all of the technical details wrong, it’s hard to tell what point he’s making, other than that he doesn’t like a lot of what he sees on the online. Of [...]


Photo from Violet Blue’s Ten years ago I wanted to make a film that actually showed people enjoying sex that would be good enough that HBO would put them on the TV. Then Peggy and I actually met with the producer and the director of Real Sex and decided I didn’t care if my [...]

Oh wow! We’re going to be in Oprah’s “O” magazine!

Violet told me about this a couple of weeks ago, and I hinted at it in our last newsletter. But I guess now that it’s posted on the website it’s official – Comstock Films is getting the Oprah Winfrey seal of approval. Says Violet in her O Magazine article: “Comstock Films’ Xana and Dax [...]

Google Fails When Language Fails, Part Four

We’ve had our share of problems with Google and Adwords and the erotophobic bias of the English language. Now it’s someone else’s turn to go through the rinse cycle. Don’t Be Evil (Or A Dyke, Or Trans), Violet Blue’s Open Source Sex Of course you can just do what Elora’s Cave does and make sure [...]