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Bill and Desiree: Love is Timeless

Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality (Review by David S. Hall)
Bill and Desiree are both very sexual and very funny as they talk about their love life, and are very good to each other as they are physically interacting. The sex is really good to watch. I don't have the words to describe it, and you really need to see it for yourself to understand it anyway.

Tony Comstock and his partner Peggy shoot their films very intimately, letting the couple do what they do with each other, and they also interview them about their lives. Then Tony does a masterful job of editing the whole thing together, letting them tell their story and show us the love they have for each other, in ways that just cannot be scripted.


Joan Price, author Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk About Sex After Sixty
Bill and Desiree are in love, and as erotic as their lovemaking are the heart-to-heart gazes they give each other, the intertwined fingers, the way Bill's hand lightly grazes Desiree's breast as they talk to the camera, the gentle corrections they make to each other's stories.

They are buoyantly, joyously, agelessly sexual together, laughing as they make love, reveling in their connection. Much of the documentary is interview -- we hear how they met, where they first made love, why they love each other, and how important sex is to both of them. The commentary is interspersed with flashes of their sexual activity.

I liked how unlike porn this film is. This is an aging couple -- sexy, playful, and in love. They have body hair. They use lubricant. They make eye contact. He is dashing with his salt-and-pepper hair and fit body, and the softness of his caresses matters much more than the age spots on his hands.



Ashley and Kisha: Finding the Right Fit

Susie Bright
"There's a subtext to how Ashley and Kisha describe their relationship: the world of being accepted as lesbian when you're a young black woman, in a "black" college, with your sorority pals and their expectations. For a lot of black dykes coming out when I was young, it was as if they had to leave "the South Side" and live on "the North Side" with white folks, just to be gay at all—I'm using Chicago as an example. It kills you to have to leave one family to try and find your way in another.

Of course the black queer scene is MUCH more visible today than when I was in college, but still... these two women are so brave!

I cried when Ashley talks about Kisha finally accepting her "all the way" once she made up her mind— being SEEN with her lover in public, refusing to keep it a secret any longer."


Shine Louise Houston
"Just about the sweetest thing I've ever seen. Their story resonated with memories from my younger days when I was coming out. And during the sex, the connection between Ashley and Kisha is so completely visible; there's no doubt that they're totally in love. Tony Comstock is able to translate the passion of the couples he films to the screen like no one else."—Director, 'The Crash Pad'



Matt and Khym: Better Than Ever

Eros Zine (Review by Thomas S. Roche)
"There's a deceptive intimacy generated by any media production -- it's the same sort of connection one feels with the characters in any successful work of art, which is why so many of us fantasize sexually about Jennifer Aniston or Russell Crowe or Jenna Jameson. With Matt & Khym, as with Comstock's other films, that intimacy is profoundly different from your average erotic flick. Watching it, like making it, is a revolutionary act, because the film doesn't set out to create a fantasy; it's the eroticism of everyday life that Matt & Khym is after, and it gets hold of it with wet, hot, cuddly abandon, and never lets go."—


"The latest in Tony Comstock's series of documentaries featuring real couples talking about -- and demonstrating -- their sex lives is sweet, sexy, and ultimately even inspirational. Matt and Khym met when she was just out of high school (he was three years older) and, after a brief friendship, became romantically involved. They've been together ever since, for almost twenty years, and the first half of the film features them sitting together on a couch, talking about how they met and the course of their lives together, with an emphasis on the sexual. Twenty years, and still so passionate. We should all be so lucky!

They obviously take great comfort and solace from their relationship -- it seems to be the utter bedrock foundation of their existence. And sex is a big part of that life; they can't even take a day-long road trip without finding a place to pull off the road for a quickie in the car. I almost expected the inevitable long sex scene to take place in a car, for old time's sake, but it happens in their bedroom, and it's a loving, intimate, sexy affair. And, not to be prurient, but she's got a very beautiful body, and he's stayed in shape, too, though neither one looks a bit like a stereotypical porn performer, which is a big part of the point. After the sex scene, the camera returns to them, and they explain that they took part in this film to show people that it's possible to be with someone for decades and still feel all that passion, chemistry, and devotion. It's clearly true, and it's inspiring."


Good For Her
"This installment from award-winning documentary-style filmmaker Tony Comstock is a revelatory look inside the intensely intimate and incredibly sexual relationship of two young, attractive people. Matt & Khym -- a loving married couple in their thirties -- take us along on their incredible journey revealing the history of their partnership and the secrets of their romantic bliss. During the interview, as they speak about their enduring attraction, the heat building between them is palpable and they have trouble keeping their hands off each other. The interspersed action shots of them together only add to the delicious tension. The film ends with a breathtaking sex scene that is honest and fierce."




Damon and Hunter: Doing It Together

Q Magazine (Review by Brett Hayhoe)
"Make no mistake—you purchase this film and you will see two guys making love. Please note that I used the phrase 'making love' and not just 'having sex.' By having a background knowledge of how the guys feel about each other and what they think about sex, you have a better understanding of how they are making love."—


DNA Magazine (review by Luke Malone)
"With the mantra: “Comstock films capture real couples having sex and splices that footage with an interview about their lives. The result is an engaging, documentary-like feature that gets you thinking as much as it gets you off. Damon DeMarco and Hunter James are the company’s first gay couple, appearing in the newly released title Damon And Hunter: Doing It Together.


"We like Comstock films because they are documentaries about real couples who really like each other and really like sex. And we get to see the couples not only having sex, but talking about sex. They also talk about love, romance, how they met, and all sorts of other very personal, intimate things.

Damon and Hunter: Doing it Together follows in the real life couples tradition of other Comstock films with the added bonus of being shot on film so it looks stunning. Both boys are totally cute and sexy. They really get into talking about their relationship and their enthusiasm about being boyfriends is a little intoxicating. After you watch this movie you may just want to run right out and fall in love with your own cute gay boy.

These two boys are so yummy they pretty much transcend gender and sexual orientation. We're pretty sure they will appeal to just about anyone."—Diana Cage


Good Vibrations
"Quite possibly one of the most honest documentations available of gay male sex, Damon and Hunter captures the sincerity and passion of a real-life couple. A far cry from the Viagra-and testosterone-fueled gay porn factory, director Tony Comstock (Marie and Jack, Xana and Dax) continues to create straightforward and beautifully-shot movies. In a candid interview that runs throughout the film, the men share intimate details of their relationship. And, in a hot final scene, Damon and Hunter get really into each other."


Eros Zine
"If you've never watched two guys getting it on, you'll probably still be hooked moment you put this feature on. The reason is the candor with which these two guys talk about their sex life and sex in general. Far from being a sterile documentary portrayal, the sex scenes in Damon & Hunter are sexy, passionate and illuminating, whether they're brief clips -- as in the first part of the film -- or longer, more sensuous explorations -- which come later in the piece." —Thomas S. Roche


Just Us Boys
"I really enjoyed the scenes of loving, natural sex interspersed between interview clips of the boys talking about their relationship and sex life. Unlike a typical studio release, this film turns us into voyeurs by letting us peek into the bedroom of these two beautiful men."—JD
"Damon DeMarco and Hunter James look like the gay couple next door in this very intimate rendering of sex. This isn't about porn, but lovemaking. As Damon says: 'This is not about procreation.' It's about their pleasure as a couple, which is exactly what the film attempts to capture, a very personal romantic coupling, simply shot so as to allow the full nature of the moments to stand on their own."—Brent Blue


"Fans of Damon and Hunter should delight in the sheer amount of themselves they share in the interview and the frankness of their comments about themselves, their friends and family, and the evolution of their personal and sexual relationship.

Damon and Hunter fills a noticeable gap in adult erotic entertainment by filming a popular and extremely attractive real-life couple expressing their love and sexuality in a natural way."—Onan (April, 2006)




Xana and Dax: When Opposites Attract

Women's Health Magazine
In the article "Sex Homework", real life couple Stacey and Bryce have this to say about Xana & Dax: When Opposites Attract:

"This was our favorite," Bryce says. "There was no plot; it's a real couple having sex. They looked like people we would know and be attracted to." Stacey agrees. "I loved Xana and Dax because they're a real couple, with genuine orgasms and a sincere admiration for each other," she says. "We watched it straight through, and even though we were as tired as usual, we had sex right after." And they changed their usual routine by trying a new position from the video."—Article "Sex Homework" by Jamie Waxman


Toronto EYE Weekly
"I had an unanticipated and welcome response the other night watching Xana and Dax by Comstock Films ("Real People, Real Life, Real Sex"). Comstock has created truly sexy, artfully shot, explicit films with real couples.

Though I have experienced this with art-house films, this was the first time watching an adult movie that I was gratified by the sensation of knowing exactly how the sex they shared felt rather than simply being a gluttonous spectator. I highly recommend looking into their stirring, persuasive films."—Sasha


Good Vibrations
"You've been looking for the right video for years...everything you've come across seems a little contrived, fake, and passionless. Well, look no further! Comstock Films provides the real goods. This isn't some Hollywood soap opera, it's a straight-up honest documentation of two people in love having some of the most passionate and tender sex ever caught on film."


Eros Zine
"The purpose of this series is to see those real couples having real sex, as opposed to porn stars feigning interest in each other, and Xana and Dax are all that and more. They look and sound and have sex not just like "real people," but people I'm actually friends with. They talk about how they met, how much they enjoy each other's bodies and their general love and appreciation for each other in a way that you won't see in any 'porn movie.'"—Abby Ehmann


"We're ecstatic to present the latest release from Comstock Films. They are the producers of Marie and Jack: A Hardcore Love Story, one of our favorite videos ever, and their new one is just as good. Xana and Dax: When Opposites Attract is a beautifully-shot interview and sex scene between Xana (a lovely buxom blonde who, ah, takes full responsibility for her own pleasure) and Dax, a cute young guy who is clearly just gone over her. The interview is poignant, moving and revealing, and the sex is hot. If you want a movie with explicit sex to share with someone you love, this is the movie for you."


"Comstock Films has come out with another winner with their newest film, Xana and Dax When Opposites Attract. Xana and Dax are one the most beautiful couples I've ever seen."—Eddy "We recommend this title highly. Not just because it'll make for a very sexy evening with you and your partner, but because it's important to support projects like these and the people who make them. Until we show with our dollars that these are the kinds of films we want to watch, the industry as a whole will not change and the production of lousy fare will continue."—Freddy


Clean Sheets
"Is Xana and Dax sexy? Yes. Does this film make me hot? Yes. Does it make me want to fuck? Absolutely. But (and here's the ringer) it makes me want to fuck someone I love."—Shanna Germain and Gary Meyer




Marie and Jack: A Hardcore Love Story

Jane Magazine
From the feature How To Build A Sex Library (March, 2005): “Here are nine classics that may do it for you …Marie and Jack: A Hardcore Love Story. You’ll like it if you “make love” instead of “hump”. In this case, a real-life couple tells us how they fell in love, then they take us into their bedroom."—Kate Torgovnick


Tango Magazine
From feature article Was That Movie Good For You? an exploration of the role of erotic films can play in spicing up a relationship (Fall, 2005):

"Marie and Jack, porn stars married in real life, have the genuine chemistry and knowledge of each other’s bodies to make this film sizzle. It starts slowly, with the couple discussing the intimate details of their love, before getting down and dirty. Xana and Dax: When Opposites Attract, offers a similar scenario."—Amy Braunschweiger


"Marie and Jack is the story of, well, Marie and Jack, lovers who reveal more than just their bodies for the camera. Through well-done, thoughtful interview segments, they describe their meeting and initial attraction, and give insight into their sex life. From slow, sensuous kissing to genuine, real-life orgasms, [they] open up in a way few in this business have ever done. This is an interesting concept made even more enjoyable by the sincerity and charm of its principals."—Eric Danville (January, 2005)


Tiny Nibbles Open Source Sex
"No fakery, no bullshit edits, real, beautiful, all-natural people making love to each other -- with the heat and passion of porn stars unhinged. I want more, more! I wish I could find more films like this, and I'm looking forward to future films from this smart indy company."—Violet Blue


"If you've ever wondered what a relationship between two porn stars would be like, you need to see this film. The reality might just surprise you. Marie and Jack are two twenty-something hotties who share the most intimate details of their relationship in this myth-breaking documentary. At home their lovemaking is some of the most tender sex this Blowfishie has ever had the pleasure of spying in on. We listen to Marie and Jack talk about what it takes to be in the industry and, even better, what it takes to please each other and make their relationship work. This is a hotly sweet gem, highly recommended."


Libido Magazine
"Shot in a confined, close-up style that adds a strong sense of intimacy—both between Jack and Marie and between the viewer and them. Their humanity shows, as does their vulnerabilities. That’s what makes the sex between them so erotic and gives the film such a strong feeling of veracity. You are right there with them."


Come As You Are
"A sentimental and refreshing look at the intimate life of a couple who both work in the porn industry. An interview that is extremely sincere and candid followed by an exceptional and revealing scene of their life together after work hours. Half hour in length. An independent film that captures the connection between two people that is rarely seen. Their desire for each other is obvious and contagious. Interesting, captivating and definitely arousing."